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Singapore company registration services

For anyone looking to run a business in Singapore, one of the most common issues you’ll have comes right at the start. Company registration in Singapore can be needlessly complex, often meaning that you make mistakes in the process. From setting the company up in a way that perfectly reflects who is involved to picking a Secretary and Shareholders, you can have many issues that you have to overcome.

For example, we often see businesses fail because they have nobody who is based in Singapore to act as their corporate secretary. Some roles must be filled by people who reside within Singapore, and this can be hard to find for someone who is not from the country. If you wish to build a business in Singapore but you lack the business contacts to get started, our Singapore company registration services are just what you are looking for.

Why do I need Singapore company registration services?

The answer is simple: without satisfying very particular criteria, your business will be rejected. You have to provide numerous factors when it comes to registering the company, and this includes factors including (but not limited to):

  • A company name. You will need to get a company name that can be legally registered in Singapore, and it must be a company that is not already registered in the same name.
  • You also need to invest in directors; these can often be people both inside and outside of Singapore, but finding trusted directors can be hard for a new business.
  • If you make a Public company, then you will have to find shareholders. Again, a proportion of these shareholders must reside within the nation for you to start.
  • Company secretary. Another important hire is your company secretary – we can provide you with all of the help that you could need to find a good, reliable secretary to hire.
  • An address. If your company is going to be based in Singapore, then it must have an address – and it cannot be a PO Box address; it must be a real, legitimate address.


We can help you to do that with professional services that will ensure you can get access to all of the help that you need to get prepared and ready to go. Our company registration services in Singapore will be the ideal choice when you need help finding the assistance required. We can also help you with other key factors, such as dealing with arranging the paid-up capital needed as well as the taxation required to get started.

That’s why our Singaporean company registration services are so useful; we can get you involved in the country where it would not have been possible before.

Make sure your company is registered correctly

Making the mistake of failing to meet one of the various business set-up steps is going to be an expensive mistake. With our help, you can make sure that all of your registration needs are well in place and ready to be put to good work in a short space of time. It might take some planning and some preparation to get every piece of the legislation needed, but our team will work around the clock to ensure that you have access to this.

For more help in dealing with the often confusing company registration process, you should get in touch today. Our team fully understand the challenge of dealing with company registration and can ensure that you fully satisfy the needs of the state.

Don’t let the complexity of setup get in the way of building your desired business in Singapore. With our help, this once-complex process can become so much simpler to carry out.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Differentiated Corporate Secretarial Services

    We are also your accountant & tax agent too, therefore, we are in better position to co-ordinate and monitor your filing deadlines to ACRA and IRAS. Should there any foreseeable delay on the filing, advance notice and advice will be addressed to ensure your compliance needs and obligations. Our company secretarial services are designed to allow you have least worries over your compliance requirements in the most cost effective way.
  • Differentiated Company Incorporation Services

    We provide complimentary company incorporation services for our clients, or referred by our clients. You could save about $300.
  • Business Processes Improvement

    We aim to improve your business processes through proper set up of accounting records, filing system, order to cash procedures and other internal controls.
  • Value Added Service For Virtual Office

    Sometimes, you are puzzled what to do next upon receipt of the notice or correspondence from the authorities, don't you? You can opt to receive our consultancy on the "what to do next" after receiving the letters related to accounting, tax, corporate secretarial related. We could add value to your business by advising on correspondence receive from ACRA, IRAS, CPF, and other statutory authority to ensure 100% timely compliance.

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Singapore company registration services

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