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1 Accounting

Complimentary & Value Added Services that you could expect

  • How our accounting services differentiate from others?

    We DO NOT charge you the out of pocket expenses (except transport & courier fee) for the first year. What‘s more, our services provide complimentary basic tax planning and variance analysis. We provide you a 60min consultancy session, visiting you, face to face to explain the year end financials, discuss general business and tax planning issues and any internal control improvement that we think it is necessary for you to know and help you to improve.  It is complimentary, worth $200.
  • How our tax services differentiate from others?

    You can expect a basic tax planning from us. For example, we analyse which PIC option (60% PIC cash payout or enhanced allowance) is more favourable to minimise the overall tax payable to IRAS. Furthermore, you can expect on time ECI and FORM C-S filing as we are monitoring the deadline for you.
  • How our company secretarial services differentiate from others?

    We are also your accountant & tax agent too, therefore, we are in better position to co-ordinate and monitor your filing deadlines to ACRA and IRAS. Should there any foreseeable delay on the filing, advance notice and advice will be addressed to ensure your compliance needs and obligations. Our company secretarial services are designed to allow you have least worries over your compliance requirements in the most cost effective way.
  • How our company incorporation services differentiate from others?

    We provide complimentary company incorporation services for our clients, or referred by our clients. You could save about $300.
  • How our virtual office services differentiate from others?

    Sometimes, you are puzzled what to do next upon receipt of the notice or correspondence from the authorities, don't you? You can opt to receive our consultancy on the "what to do next" after receiving the letters related to accounting, tax, corporate secretarial related. We could add value to your business by advising on correspondence receive from ACRA, IRAS, CPF, and other statutory authority to ensure 100% timely compliance.

Your benefits gain from our solid knowledge and experience

  • Why bother on whether we undertake the Continuing Professional Development?

    With solid knowledge and experience, we can help you meet changes in local or overseas business environment. All of us are required to undertake relevant Continuing Professional Development (CPD), as rigid as the professional body such as ICPAS and ACCA requires, to ensure that we maintain and develop the knowledge and expertise needed to assist you.
  • How we undertake the Continuing Professional Development?

    We attend workshops & seminars, read the research write up & industry newsletters, access to online portal for our on-going training needs. Our training scope includes both technical subjects and soft skills. We access both technical subjects such as changes in standards, regulations, tax and budget and soft skills include communication skills, leadership development and management skills.

Some technical knowledge that you might be interested

  • Why Budget or Cash Flow Projection Is Important?

    Proper budget planning and cash flow projection are the most effective ways to keep your business – and its finances – on track. Once your business starts running, it is essential to plan and closely manage the financial performance. Once your business is growing fast, the over trading indication may happen if the cash flow management is weak.
  • Why You Need Financial Analysis Or Financial Modelling?

    During the business development, you need high-quality financial analysis and financial modeling to facilitate you in strategic decision making to drive efficiency, business process improvements and evaluation of new business initiatives.
  • Why You Need A Company Secretary

    A private limited company is requested to appoint a company secretary under Section 171 of the Companies Act in Singapore. The company secretary is not the administrative type of secretary or personal assistant. And, the office of secretary shall not be left vacant for more than 6 months at any one time. You need not appoint chartered accountants or lawyers as your company secretary. However, you still require appointing a company secretary and ought to be a person of public character, preferably a named professional or businessperson with relevant experience. You will soon find out a person without the necessary experience will not know how to guide you on the AGM and resolutions, or provide crucial timely advice.
  • Find Out Who Uses MoneyWorks/ AUTOCOUNT Accounting Software

    • General Trading / Import & Export – job costing; multi-currency support; electronic importing of price lists & invoices; large capacity (easily handles over 50,000 products).
    • Service / Rental Trade – job costing, departmental accounting, contact management, product database and inventory control.
    • Retail / Garment Trade – size, colours, styles etc can all be handled by G’Doc front-end to MoneyWorks.
    • Engineering / Manufacturing – job costing; stock audit trails, bill of materials; cost centre accounting.
    • Architects/ Accountants/ Lawyers /Healthcare etc -time billing; disbursement tracking and recovery.
    • Graphics & Advertising – time billing; job costing; forms design.
    • Clubs – subscription billing and the customer (membership) database.
    • Project Management – cost centers, reporting. In addition, MoneyWorks can be linked to CAT, the leading construction software that handless jobbing and retention management
    • Schools / Education Instititutions – cost centers accounting; audit trails, report writer, subscription billing.
    • Non Profit / Charitable Orgainsations – audit trails, cost centers, reporting.
  • Why choose us for accounting software

    We only recommend the best accounting software to you, as we have sourced it for ourselves. We know the system well since we used them for our daily operation, and we have experience to implement these accounting software as well. With our extensive accounting background, we can assist you in set-up and implementation, translating your operation, practice and manual works into its computerised accounting system with no time.