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We provide professional care of your business’s financial health. Do you need more specific attention of a financial expertise to cater your needs as small and medium size enterprises (SMEs)? You, as an expanding SME can generally benefit a great deal from the expertise of a well- trained and vast experienced financial personnel who is closely involved in the business, someone akin to a Financial Controller in a larger company. Yet, you would not need to pay a high price. Depending on your accounting needs, we could be engaged on a continual, periodic or ad-hoc basis to meet your specific objectives.

We offer a range of business support services that tackle elements like budget & cash flow projections, financial analysis, risk management as well as profit enhancement. With exact data, you are able to truly understand and project the growth of your business and gain the competitive edge in the market.


We act as your in house financial controller; you can expect to enjoy the following advantages :

Advantages :

  • You are focus on your business goals & objectives
  • You are well prepared for surprises or unanticipated expenses
  • You are able to reveal areas where you’re spending too much
  • You manage your money and keep you out of debt
  • You have more accurate and consistent budgets
  • You get Improved financial planning and operational efficiency
  • You made informed business decision
  • Cost savings of up to 90%
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Why Choose Us?

  • Differentiated financial controller services

    Some of our clients have their own accounting staff for daily accounting works. They engaged us as the finance manager to review their accounting and perform more technical accounting works including consolidation of accounts
  • Proper accounting set up

    A proper setup at your financial accounting system is crucial to its future success. Don’t weigh it down with messy accounts, obsolete stocks, bad debts and poor documentation.
  • Business Processes Improvement

    We aim to improve your business processes through proper set up of accounting records, filing system, order to cash procedures and other internal controls.
  • Updated compliance need

    You need to aware of ever-changing Singapore Financial Accounting Standard, Compnies Act, Income Tax Law and IRAS tax incentives. We provide on time technical advices so that you can focus more on your business than on account.

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