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Business with Professional Accounting Services


We believe you are discovering that outsourced accounting services not only save you the accounting costs, payroll, and overhead costs; but are also a giant leap in freeing up your valuable time.

We provide businesses with the following set of accounting services:

  • Professional accounting services provided on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Full set of accounts (financial statement, profit and loss account, balance sheet, bank reconciliations, trade debtors and trade creditors listing).
  • Preparation of cash-flow statements, budgets, financial plans and forecasts.
  • Diagnosis and investigations
  • Group consolidation
  • Preparation of Head Office reporting package
  • Preparation of financial statements for business, sole-proprietor, partnership, SME, management corporation, MNC, enterprise, entrepreneur and company
  • Accounts Receivable (AR) processing & administrative duties (like sales invoicing and reminders)
  • Accounts Payable (AP) processing & administrative duties (like preparation of payments vouchers, provision of cheque signatory, banking on of cheque and filing)
  • Set up proper accounting systems


Account services Singapore

When it comes to running your business today, one of the last things you likely have is time. Time is the most precious currency in business, and the time that it takes you to manage your accounts can be quite consuming. Think of all the work or personal tasks that you could be attending to instead of spending hours preparing your books? And now, you can. With the help of our accounting services in Singapore, you can spend less time hunched over by the computer doing your books.

With our help, you can get reliable Sg accounting services that can really tap into what you need to do better. From helping you to spot cash flow problems to pinpointing areas where expenditure could be improved, our accounting services are just what you need to make an arduous and often complex process a little easier to follow along with.

Why do I need accounting services in Singapore?

The cost of making a mistake on your accounts could be far higher than you know. With the fair and competitive tax rates providing in Singapore, making sure that you manage your books 100% correctly is very important, unless you want to avoid making incorrect tax payments that could cost you more than you have to pay.

With our help as an accounting services provider in Singapore, you can make sure that you have much more time to do what you are best at. Instead of having to slave over the PC screen and your receipts, you can give us access to all of your needed details. This will ensure that you can spend more time saving money and less time worrying about trying to get your tax records in place. Outsourcing to a trusted accounting services provider in Singapore can help you save time and even money in the long run.

We take on the challenge so that you can simply relax.

Get accounting services for small business in Singapore

As a small business owner, your time is best divided upon your clients and your colleagues. You have so much to do to make ends meet that you likely lack the time needed to sit and do your company taxes. Your personal taxes, too, could become a burden that can be hard to find time to handle.

If you worry that you are in a tough position and you don’t see much of way out, then fear not. We have the nous and the knowledge that you need here; a reliable, professional solution that should get you out of a tough spot and instead working towards a safer, happier future. We have many years of experience in providing accounting services for small business in Singapore.

By making sure you can carry on doing what you do best, you don’t need to see a drop-off in business performance as you begin to approach the next tax year.

Get monthly accounting services to save you time

The last thing that you need to do is devote X hours per week to managing your books. You should be able to focus on serving your customers and doing what you do best. Instead, let us do what we do best; the time we save you will more than cover your accounting bookkeeping service costs.

We will make sure that you can always pick from a range of monthly accounting services that allows you to have the freedom that you need. So long as we have access to the figures that we need, we can go about transforming and changing your books to give you the peace of mind and the financial freedom that you need.

If that sounds like the service that you require, then do not hesitate to give us a call. Our accounting bookkeeping service is here to help you.

Do you find Singaporean tax law confusing?

Then you are not alone, many nationals and expats alike find the Singaporean tax model beneficial yet confusing. If you fall into this trap, then you can easily come to us and find a solution that can lift the burden. We know the tax regulations, the tax rates, and the laws related to taxation in the country.

If you want to make sure that you are paying a fair rate when it comes to your taxes, you only need to get in touch with our team. We can ensure that your accounts are in perfect condition, and that every expenditure and income has been noted down so that the Singaporean government can get a full, fair, and legal understanding of what you bring to the table in regards to your taxes.

Let us help you spend less time fretting and more benefiting starting today.

Reliable accounting and bookkeeping services that gets the job done

Instead of making mistakes and handing in accounts that require you to go through expensive and time-consuming disputes, let us help you avoid that problem. We are the trusted brand in provided bookkeeping services in Singapore. Our eagle-eyed accountancy staff can find the problems in your books, and make sure that they are solved and corrected prior to being sent away.

The end result is that the government authorities will fully understand what it is that you need and how they can best help you to achieve success. If that sounds like a service that you believe that you could benefit from, then you need only pick up the phone and contact us today. Our team can go through your business and your tax profile with you, ensuring that all of the data needed to keep your accounts in pristine condition is available.

Don’t make the next tax year needlessly complex. Let our team at a 1Accounting help you solve the issues you face in a timely, professional manner. We offer all the accounting and bookkeeping services necessary for you to meet your business obligations.


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Why Choose Us?

  • Our Complimentary For Accounting Services

    We DO NOT charge you the out of pocket expenses (except transport & courier fee) for the first year. What‘s more, our services provide complimentary basic tax planning and variance analysis. We provide you a 60min consultancy session, visiting you, face to face to explain the year end financials, discuss general business and tax planning issues and any internal control improvement that we think it is necessary for you to know and help you to improve. It is complimentary, worth $200.
  • Differentiated Tax Services

    If you are having a taxing time doing your taxes and PIC Cash Payout claim, leave it to the professionals. We do carry out tax planning before we claim the PIC for you so that you could benefit most out of the tax incentives
  • Business Processes Improvement

    We aim to improve your business processes through proper set up of accounting records, filing system, order to cash procedures and other internal controls.
  • Backed Up By Solid Experience

    We have years of experience in handling full set of accounts ensuring compliance and timely reporting, ensuring that you are well taken care of.

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