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Filing Annual Return Singapore

For anyone running a business in Singapore, filing your annual return is something that you cannot ignore. As one of the most important parts of annual taxation, you must make sure that you file your annual return as part of your obligations. While it can seem quite confusing at first, with the help of our team at 1Accounting you can make filing your annual return in Singapore a much more easy-going experience.

Why do I need to meet this annual filing deadline?

If you wish to avoid any kind of penalties, from fines to other legal issues, then you should meet the deadlines set out for you. It’s important to know that a failure to comply will lead to legal issues and it could see you face large, expensive fines. Therefore, it’s better to either take on the annual return on your own, or contact the team here at 1Accounting to do the job for you.

We can make sure that you then pass all regulations and necessities needed to stay on top of Singaporean company law. This helps us to know that you are getting your company prepared safely, and that you are tax compliant.

What are my annual filing requirements?

You will have to file to ACRA and IRAS. ACRA is the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, and they are the national regular of all businesses that are based in Singapore. Meanwhile, the IRAS is the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore. They are responsible for actually collecting your taxes and making sure that you have clear knowledge of the information needed during filing. Most of the time, correctly filed returns shall include the following:

  • The name of your company as well as its registration number.
  • Your registered company address and details of contact
  • Any needed details about company shareholders, officers, and members.
  • Your principal activities as well as your key services provided.

You will have to provide these details, and the annual return must be signed by your company secretary or by a company director. Either way, you will likely need help when it comes to filing annual return in Singapore.

If you would like to get professional help who can help you stay on top of the challenges involved in filing annual return in Singapore, and then contact us today. We can help you to understand what has to change if you wish to make sure that you meet and adhere to all IRAS/ACRA regulations moving forward.

Don’t make taxes as stressful as they are today. With our help, you can stay on top of your taxation needs, making sure you always get the response you expected from the government.